Nicole Akstein
Taxi; Dhampur, Uttar PradeshFarmers; Dhampur, Uttar PradeshBarber; Dhampur, Uttar PradeshRooster; Dajpur Village, Uttar PradeshLazy dog; Dajpur Village, Uttar PradeshPet buffalo; Dajpur Village, Uttar PradeshGirls and white horse; Dhampur, Uttar PradeshFarmer near the river; Dhampur, Uttar PradeshInterrupted cricket game; Dhampur, Uttar PradeshFather and son; Village outside Dhampur, Uttar PradeshVillage temple; Outside Dhampur, Uttar PradeshVillage street; Outside Dhampur, Uttar PradeshThe dance; Dhampur, Uttar PradeshWoman and cloth; Bhojpur Village, Uttar PradeshKid clothes; Bhojpur, Uttar PradeshFamily; Outside Dhampur, Uttar PradeshFarmer in pink sari; Dhampur, Uttar PradeshFarmer in green sari; Dhampur, Uttar PradeshMen and animals; Dhampur, Uttar PradeshDogs; Dhampur, Uttar PradeshClothesline; Uttar PradeshA woman and her cow; Rishikesh, UttarakhandWorshipers; Haridwar, UttarakhandHandprints; village outside of Dhampur, Uttar PradeshDishwashing ; Bhojpur, Uttar PradeshGravedigger; Bhojpur, Uttar PradeshRemains; Bhojpur, Uttar PradeshFuneral; Bhojpur, Uttar PradeshScarf; Bhojpur, Uttar PradeshVillage grandmother; Bhojpur, Uttar PradeshKids; Bhojpur, Uttar PradeshVillage dog; Bhojpur, Uttar PradeshResting buffalo; Bhojpur, Uttar PradeshThe cane and its croppers; Dhampur, Uttar PradeshVillage neighbor; Bhojpur, Uttar PradeshTown landmark; Dhampur, Uttar PradeshBirthday; Dhampur, Uttar PradeshVillage outside Dhampur, Uttar PradeshCrossing the river to village outside Dhampur, Uttar Pradesh Dhampur backyard; Dhampur, Uttar Pradesh Bhojpur village; Uttar PradeshBhojpur curtain; Uttar PradeshPractice; Bhojpur, Uttar PradeshClothesline; Bhojpur, Uttar PradeshConstruction worker; Dhampur, Uttar PradeshBoy in tree; Dhampur, Uttar PradeshBhojpur village; Uttar PradeshVillage grandfather; Bhojpur, Uttar PradeshMan and woman; Bhojpur, Uttar PradeshBuffalo; Bhojpur, Uttar PradeshKids; Village outside of Dhampur, Uttar PradeshThe village; outside Dhampur, Uttar PradeshA man and his buffalo; outside Dhampur, Uttar PradeshSugar cane eating; Bhojpur, Uttar PradeshSacred one; Dhampur, Uttar PradeshA man on his cart; Dhampur, Uttar PradeshFishing; Dhampur, Uttar PradeshGoats; Dhampur, Uttar PradeshForest; Dhampur, Uttar PradeshGirls; Dhampur, Uttar PradeshPath to nothing; Bhojpur, Uttar PradeshGirl; Bhojpur, Uttar PradeshLookout; Bhojpur, Uttar PradeshSiblings; Bhojpur, Uttar PradeshFarmers; Bhojpur, Uttar PradeshGoat-herder; Bhojpur, Uttar PradeshRide; Bhojpur, Uttar PradeshSchool assembly; Thar Desert, RajasthanRani; Thar Desert, RajasthanWomen; Thar Desert, RajasthanRani in repose; Thar Desert, RajasthanBoy; Thar Desert, RajasthanBar; Jaipur, RajasthanWoman on train; Bikaner, RajasthanTunnel; Jaipur, RajasthanWoman in street; Jaipur, RajasthanDesert road; Thar Desert, Rajasthan
For the months of January through April 2011, I lived in the rural northeast of India. I worked at the non-profit Pushp Niketan School, located in the Dhampur Sugar Mills in Uttar Pradesh. I taught art and photography classes to elementary and middle school children. More than anything else, I was an observer. The images trace my travels in the region, from small surrounding villages in Uttar Pradesh to the deserts of Rajasthan. The people, animals and landscapes that make up these images are captured with unanswered feelings of fascination and disillusionment, comprising a culture inundated with contradiction.